Tutorial :Searching event log to find out when a program was uninstalled [closed]


I am trying to find out when a program was uninstalled on a Win2k machine by searching through the event log. Which log should I search and are there any good keywords to search on to tag the uninstall event?


In case the program was uninstalled using Microsoft Installer you will find events from source "MsiInstaller".

I think that no other installer write events to Event Log (maybe Install Shield does). Maybe there will be some custom .log files from 3rd party un/installer.


You can try what Jozef Izso suggests. As a last resort, sometimes when you uninstall a program, the directory it was in is left behind in 'Program Files'. The directory will have a modified date that should reflect when any of the contents last changed. This will probably indicate when it was uninstalled.

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