Tutorial :Represent array in C#


I have an array or a list from linq. I want to show it as a string in console! What should I do?


The most generic answer that I can give to you is to loop through each element and use the ToString() method on each element.

Alternatively, you can serialize the Array/List to Xml.


String.Join(delimiter, array);  

You could represent it as:

Console.WriteLine("{" + String.Join(", ", array) + "}");  

Of course, I think this only works with strings.


Just iterate over it?

foreach (var item in list)  {     Console.WriteLine(item.ToString());  }  


Generally you can loop through it if it's a collection or an array. Check the foreach keyword

List<Object> list = ...    foreach (Object o in list) {    Console.WriteLine(o.ToString);  }  


If you'd like a more LINQ approach you could use the following:

String text = String.Join("," + Environment.NewLine, list.Select(item => item.ToString()).ToArray());  Console.WriteLine(text);  

The first parameter of the Join specifies which characters should be inserted between items in the array. Using the .Select on the list is for getting a string representation of your item in the array.


I would want some more information about exactly what you want to see, but at first blush I'd try something like:

public string StringFromArray(string[] myArray)      {          string arrayString = "";          foreach (string s in myArray)          {              arrayString += s + ", ";          }          return arrayString;      }  

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