Tutorial :Replace http:// in anchor portion of links using Jquery


on a page there a several links of:

<a class="linked" href="http://link1.com>http://link1.com</a>    <a class="linked" href="http://link2.com>http://link2.com</a>  

How would one remove the second http:// in each link so it can't be seen on the screen.

I've tried this to no avail:

$(document).ready(function() {    $('.linked').html().replace("http://","");  


If you are talking about the visible text in an anchor tag

$.each($('.linked'), function()  {    var anchor = $(this);    anchor.text( anchor.text().replace("http:\/\/",'') )  });  

Missing ');' at the end...


Just for the record, the jQuery-less version:

var links = document.links;  for(var i = links.length; i--; ) {      with(links[i]) {          if(/(^|\s)linked(\s|$)/.test(className)) {              firstChild.nodeValue =                  firstChild.nodeValue.replace(/^http:\/\//, '');          }      }  }  

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