Tutorial :Regarding Google Safe Browsing API


Does anyone know how to use the Google safe browsing API.

I downloaded the entire the malware and phish update from the google safe browsing using the API key and tried comparing the hash of the suspicious site (md5_file method in php) but it did not work. I also tried comparing the hash of the suspicious site's url (md5 method in php).

Am I doing something wrong here?


You need to use a canonical version of the site url. Some examples are on this Google page. Also, I think using the suffix or prefix of the url may be necessary depending on what you are doing with the url.


Also, check out the BrightCloud web filtering API. It's a bit more straightforward to use (a REST web interface). It's better, but does cost money (it's still quite affordable).

(FWIW - I am a founder of BrightCloud.)

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