Tutorial :Python: finding uid/gid for a given username/groupname (for os.chown)


What's a good way to find the uid/gid for a given username or groupname using Python? I need to set file ownership with os.chown and need the integer ids instead of the alphabetic.

[Quick note]: getpwnam works great but is not available on windows, so here's some code that creates stubs to allow you to run the same code on windows and unix.

try:      from pwd import getpwnam  except:      getpwnam = lambda x: (0,0,0)      os.chown = lambda x, y, z: True      os.chmod = lambda x, y: True      os.fchown = os.chown      os.fchmod = os.chmod  


Use the pwd and grp modules:

from pwd import getpwnam      print getpwnam('someuser')[2]  # or  print getpwnam('someuser').pw_uid  

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