Tutorial :Problem with KeyPress Javascript function


I call a javascript function from a textbox by using OnKeyPress="clickSearchButton()"

Here is my function:

function clickSearchButton()  {    var code = e.keyCode || e.which;    var btnSearch = document.getElementById("TopSubBanner1_SearchSite1_btnSearchSite");    if(code == 13);        {                       btnSearch.click();              return false;         }   }  

My problem is that this function fires when the user hits the enter button in any textbox, not just the one that calls the function. What am I missing?

EDIT: Still not working correctly. So I'll throw my HTML out there if that helps.

<input name="TopSubBanner1:SearchSite1:txtSearch" type="text" id="TopSubBanner1_SearchSite1_txtSearch" OnKeyPress="clickSearchButton(this)" /><input type="submit" name="TopSubBanner1:SearchSite1:btnSearchSite" value="Search" id="TopSubBanner1_SearchSite1_btnSearchSite" />  

Also, this is an ASP.NET page if that makes a difference.


The event is by default passed as an argument to your function, but your not capturing it as a parameter. If you capture it, the above should work correctly.

function clickSearchButton(e)  {     e = e || window.event //for IE compliane (thanks J-P)     //etc  


function clickSearchButton()  {     var e = arguments[0];     e = e || window.event;  

Also you have an extra semicolon as Kevin pointed out.


function clickSearchButton(e)  {    var code;    if(window.event)      code = e.keyCode;  else     code = e.which;    var btnSearch = document.getElementById("TopSubBanner1_SearchSite1_btnSearchSite");    if(code == 13)        {                       btnSearch.click();              return false;         }   }  

and your calling method should be:


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