Tutorial :Optimizing a Ruby on Rails Project


I'm busy creating a very simplistic ruby on rails app that won't need a lot things that are loaded in the ruby on rails environment by default.

I won't be using mysql, just one model that fetches data from a Yaml file. So I'm thinking I won't be needing ActiveRecord, or at least a large part of it. ( Correct me if I'm wrong here );

How do I go about purging all the unneeded things from my app.
( Like stopping the app from looking in /config/database.yml for config which I won't need )

And, when I'm all done, how do I figure out what things are loaded, but not needed? example: ActionMailer.



In your environment.rb - File:

 # Skip frameworks you're not going to use. To use Rails without a database,   # you must remove the Active Record framework.   config.frameworks -= [ :active_record, :active_resource, :action_mailer ]  

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