Tutorial :NHibernate session management in WCF application


I am building a WCF application, using NHibernate for the persistence layer. A lot of documentation thats out there is about using NHibernate with ASP.NET applications. But very little on the best ways to manage NHibernate Sessions in a WCF application.

After reading up on Instance Management Techniques in WCF applications, I am going to use "per-call Services". Drawing parallel with ASP.NET, this is like opening NHibernate sessions on Application_BeginRequest and closing them on Application_EndRequest. Billy McCafferty's S#arp Architecture has a great example of doing this very elegantly. But I am finding it a little hard to use a similar concept in a WCF application.

Any code samples or pointers to blogs with examples, will be greatly appreciated.


http://www.igloocoder.com/archive/2009/04/23/wcf-and-nhibernate-redux.aspx -> https://igloocoder.net:8443/svn/IglooCommons/trunk/src/IglooCoder.Commons/WcfNhibernate/


I found another good example -


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