Tutorial :Network-aware wx.FileDialog


I'm using wx.FileDialog in a wxPython application, under Xubuntu 8.10.. My problem is that this dialog isn't network-aware, so I can't browse Samba shares.
I see that this problem plagues other applications too (Firefox, Audacious...) so I'd like to ask where I could find informations on how to make it work.
Is that dialog supposed to be already network-aware? Am I missing something? Some library maybe? Or should I write my own implementation?
Many thanks!


Robin Dunn himself told me that

It's using the "native" GTK file dialog, just like the other apps, so there isn't anything that wx can do about it.

So as a workaround I ended up installing gvfs-fuse and browsing the network through $HOME/.gvfs.. A bit klunky but it works.

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