Tutorial :.Net Hosting (Flexible Medium Trust)


Any recommendations for cheap .Net hosting that has flexible medium trust rules allowing the use of reflection?


  • GoDaddy Hosting (info) - Really cheap, $5/month. And the most popular.
  • DiscountASP.NET (info) - More expansive, starting from $10/month+. The good thing is that they are specializing on .NET
  • SoftSys Hosting - Small company. But they are more flexible. They are also specializing in Windows Hosting solutions.


www.gearhost.com gives you 100 free .NET, PHP sites and MSSQL or MySQL databases with full trust for free, no credit card needed. Perfect during development then scale to paid ($5) when your ready. Full cloud environment with high availability and load balancing on all apps.


Register.com is a good site to

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