Tutorial :Nested Object w/ Checkboxes - mass-assignment even with accepts_nested_attributes_for?


I thought that there should have been a simple solution to this, given that Rails 2.3 has this newfangled nested forms feature. Basically I want to create or update a user and assign them roles at the same time.

It seems like I'm doing everything right but I get the error WARNING: Can't mass-assign these protected attributes: roles_attrributes.

I even tried changing the view to user[permissions_attrributes][role_id] because I thought that maybe the join table was confusing Rails.

Anyways, any suggestions on how this should actually work?


class User < ActiveRecord::Base      has_many :permissions    has_many :roles, :through => :permissions      accepts_nested_attributes_for :roles    accepts_nested_attributes_for :permissions  end  

Excerpt from view (notice I tried and failed to get fields_for to generate what I want here, maybe that's my problem?)

<% for role in Role.all %>   <%= check_box_tag( "user[roles_attrributes][id]",role.id) %>   <%= role.rolename %>   <br/>  <% end %>  

Params coming across seem to be right:

    {"user"=>{"password_confirmation"=>"[FILTERED]",   "roles_attrributes"=>{"id"=>"2"}, ...  

Solution A combination of me misspelling, not using attr_accessible, needing to access permissions_attributes, and the form being slightly off.


has_many :permissions, :dependent => :destroy  has_many :roles, :through => :permissions  accepts_nested_attributes_for :permissions  attr_accessible :permissions_attributes  


    <%  Role.all(:order => "rolename ASC").each_with_index do |role,idx| %>      <%= check_box_tag( "user[permissions_attributes][#{idx}][role_id]",role.id) %>      <%= role.rolename %>      <br/>      <% end %>  


it sounds like this attribute isn't marked as safe for updating. You should be able to fix it by adding the following to your model class:

attr_accessible :roles  

or possibly:

attr_accessible :roles_attributes  

If you look, you may already have an attr_accessible call you can add this to. For more information this is documented here:



If you correct the spelling of attributes in your check_box_tag, it looks like it should work.

<% for role in Role.all %>   <%= check_box_tag( "user[roles_attributes][id]",role.id) %>   <%= role.rolename %>   <br/>  <% end %>  

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