Tutorial :Naming: What would you call a rich API that wraps around a thin API


I have a "thin" (SOAP) API that only knows how to set and get entities in the underlying system.

I am about to to create a "rich" API that encapsulates the "thin" API and implements the logic that is required for complex operations that entail getting and setting several entities in specific order.

Example: The rich API will be responsible for creating a new user account by creating a "Lead" entity that's linked to an "Account" entity via the thin API.

I'm stuck in a naming block so I turn to SO ;) What name would you give my rich API? "xxxRichAPI"? "xxxHelper"? "xxxService"?


At first glance, this sounds like the GoF Facade pattern to me. You might considering using the name "xxxFacade".


Isn't the point of an API that it hides it's implementation? As such, the fact that your API calls a thinner API is irrelevant. Name your API appropriately for what it does, regardless of how it does it.

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