Tutorial :MSTest and custom messages


Recently I started using mstest for testing.

  1. Is there any way to write messages to test window if test successed? I don't see the way, messages are alowed only if test fails. What if I want to let say, print little description of a test, so I can see what test means without having to open the test. Or, as now is the case, I'm measuring times of execution for some tests, I want to print that time out.

  2. Is there a way to extend test methods so to easy choose if I want tests with or without time measuring, choosing the mode of test execution?



Right click on the columns in the test result window and choose "Add/Remove Columns". Add the columns for "Duration" and "Output (StdOut)". That will give you test timing and let you see what the tests print.


Why not give your tests descriptive names?

[Test]  public void AddsTwoNumbersTogether() {...}    [Test]  public void DividesFirstNumberBySecondNumber() {...}  


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