Tutorial :looking for some network video camera to program against [closed]


I am looking for a network camera which I could program against the following functions,

  1. I can plug-in the camera into network cable, then it could work to capture video independently, no need to plug-in into a computer to make it work;
  2. I can remotely control the camera, e.g. control its start/stop/direction;
  3. I can preform some basic setup work, e.g. setup where to store the recorded video, another example is I can setup some video parameters, like bit rate.

Any recommendations which type of camera and what software SDK to use? .Net code/solution appreciated. :-)

thanks in advance, George


If you have the cash... take a look at Rovio. I think it comes with a full API and you would have a cool toy to play with after you finish your project.


You might want to have a look at this: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/WindowsVistaSideBarGadgetForAirLinkWebCam.aspx

Not sure about being able to control the camera itself but gives a basic intro to some networked webcam related interfacing.

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