Tutorial :Load WPF styles or other Static Resources from an external file or assembly


I have a few WPF applications and I want all my styles to be in a shared assembly instead of declaring them in each application separately.

I am looking for a way so I don't have to change all my Style="{StaticResource BlahBlah}" in the existing applications; I just want to add the reference to this style assembly, and delete it from the current application, so it's taken from the assembly.

Is there any way?


Referencing an external ResourceDictionary (XAML File):

<Application.Resources>      <ResourceDictionary Source="MyResources.xaml" />  </Application.Resources>  

Referencing an external ResourceDictionary (DLL):

<Application.Resources>      <ResourceDictionary Source="/MyExternalAssembly;component/MyResources.xaml" />  </Application.Resources>  

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