Tutorial :Learning resources to transerfer my MS SQL Server knowledge into MySQL


I'm an experienced MS SQL Server developer
But with my first MySQL project I got problems with very simple issues
So can anyone suggest good resources helping me transfer my MS SQL Server knowledge into MySQL
I'm not looking for a complete reference guide for MySQL
I'm looking for something targeted for experienced SQL developers

EDIT: here are sample of issues I faced (thanks Neil Butterworth)
1- Where to write my first "select * from", NOW I know that
- I've to download MySQL which is NOT coming with IDE
- I can pick up SQLyog as MySQL IDE

2- How to execute multiple sql statements in the same query(done)
3- How to declare variables (done)
4- How to write simple cursor (still trying)
5- How to add primary key to existing table by MySQL query not by IDE (still trying)
6- What is the different between Wamp Server and [MySQL + SQLyog] (still trying)


There probably aren't going to be any guides that address your specific issues, so I'd just recommend reading through the excellent documentation on the MySQL website. If you have a particular problem that's causing grief, and that isn't addressed in the docs, then ask about it here.


Here's a good place to start: Migrating From MS SQL to MySQL

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