Tutorial :JS: Is there a way to tell what object called a function?


In a function is there a way to get a reference to the object that called it? I have the same instance of a Flash object on the page twice, each one can make calls to JS through ExternalInterface, I cannot code the Flash objects to each pass a different ID because it is 2 instances of the same Flash object, so it there a way for JS to get a reference to which one called the function?



Can't you pass an ID to the Flash object when you instantiate it? (via a query string or params). Then you could use that ID in your JavaScript function calls.


I don't know about ExternalInterface but have you tried examine the this object during the execution of your function?

Of course you could always use a closure. Ultimately you have to give the Flash object a function to be executed. For example I have myObj1 and myObj2 that take a callback method fnCallback but for some reason does not set the this context when executing this functions to themselves. Hence I can do this:-

function setCallback(obj, fn)  {    obj.callback = function() {fn.apply(obj, arguments);}  }    setCallback(myObj1, fnCallback);  setCallback(myObj2, fnCallback);  

Now I can code fnCallback using this as a reference to the specific object that is calling the function.


arguments.caller or Function.caller but you might want to look at reorganizing your code to avoid using them. There really is another way to get what you want -- I guarantee it.

Edit: AnthonyWJones pointed out that you're actually looking for the this operator.

The this keyword refers to the context object (a.k.a. current object). In general, in a method, this refers to the calling object.


If you are looking for a way to find a non-function element that called a function, you might consider using the event. This is a pretty handy function I use a lot when passed an event object.

function getTargetElement(evt) {    evt = (evt) ? evt : ((window.event) ? window.event : "");    var elem;    if (evt.target) {        elem = (evt.target.nodeType == 3) ? evt.target.parentNode : evt.target;    } else {        elem = evt.srcElement;    }    return elem;  }  

So, for example, if you call a function "find(event);" from a clicked element, find can be coded to use this method to get the event object:

function find(evt){    var clickedObj = getTargetElement(evt);    alert(clickedObj.tagName); //alerts "TD"  }  

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