Tutorial :JQuery AJAX Web Service call on SSL WebServer


I am making a POST to a webservice that is local to the webserver. Everything works great until I host the site at my SSL enabled webserver. The webservice path is relative, meaning, I am making no reference to the protocol. eg. /webservices/method.asmx

The POST results in a runtime error. Has anyone seen this before?

$.ajax({  type: "POST",  url: theURL+"/"+method,  data: body,  success: function(msg) {  alert("Data Saved: " + msg);    },      error:function(msg){      alert("Broken: " + theURL + "/" + method + msg.responseText);      }  });  


What happens if you specify an absolute url, including the protocol https:// piece... I usually put a javascript variable in my masterpages/template for "baseURL" for the prot://host:port/apppath/ reference... where port is only included if not the default. Haven't, iirc, seen such an issue.


Because this project is done in .NET 2.0.. the web method seems to handle the input data differantly. I was able to get around this by just construction a query sting and passing it rather than a JSON object.

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