Tutorial :JavaScript TextNode update


If I have a

var t = document.createTextNode(text)  parent.appendChild(t);  

Is it possible to simply update the contents of t?

I would like to change the text inside the parent without using removeChild, createTextNode and appendChild. Why would I need this instead of just using innerHTML? Because I don't want to update the contents of the element with HTML code and the text may contain special characters, such as < or & which should be parsed by TextNode's DOM methods.



Be aware that adjacent text nodes are collapsed into one (since there is really no way to distinguish two adjacent text nodes).

The contents of a text node can be updated using it's nodeValue property (see MDC).

Since a text node by it's very definition cannot contain any markup, there is no innerHTML property.


If you keep the instance of the TextNode object (t in your example code) then you can change the content using various functions like replaceData(), substringData(), etc..

See this page for a nice reference: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms535905(VS.85).aspx#


parent.innerText = text;  

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