Tutorial :Is there a way to get notified when a child is added/removed from a WPF Panel?


I can't find the event that would get fired when a child is added or removed from a WPF panel. Does such an event exist and I am just missing it?


Alternatively, you could wrap your panel in a UserControl (perhaps called ObservablePanel?), which has an AddChild method that fires an event after adding the item to the panel.


I couldn't find an event, but you might try the Panel.OnVisualChildrenChanged method.


It's also possible to override Panel.CreateUIElementCollection(...), so it returns custom type derived from UIElementCollection. In UIElementCollection you can override Add, Remove, etc.

public class CustomPanel: Panel  {      protected override UIElementCollection CreateUIElementCollection(FrameworkElement logicalParent)      {          ObservableUIElementCollection uiECollection = new ObservableUIElementCollection(this, logicalParent);          uiECollection.RaiseAddUIElement += OnUIElementAdd;              return uiECollection;      }  }    public class ObservableUIElementCollection : UIElementCollection  {      public ObservableUIElementCollection(UIElement visualParent, FrameworkElement logicalParent)          : base(visualParent, logicalParent)      {        }        public event EventHandler<UIElement> RaiseAddUIElement;        public override int Add(UIElement element)      {          OnRiseAddUIElementEvent(element);          return base.Add(element);      }        protected virtual void OnRiseAddUIElementEvent(UIElement e)      {          // copy to avoid race condition          EventHandler<UIElement> handler = RaiseAddUIElement;            if (handler != null)              handler(this, e);      }      }  

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