Tutorial :Is there a Perl module to monitor an email queue?


I'm working on an issue tracking system and would like the application to handle email replies. That is, I would like a script that can monitor an email queue and perform some action based on the email contents. It should then be able to delete the email, etc.

I currently use MIME::Lite to send email, and I can handle writing the script etc. (read: I'm not new to Perl). However, I have no idea what modules are good for doing this particular task. I'd like to get started on this as quickly as possible so I hope to narrow my search space for possible modules.

In case you need to know, the application will be running on a standard linux, Perl, MySQL stack with Exchange as the mail server.

Can anyone suggest a Perl module to help me out? Any tutorials or best practices related to this would also be helpful.



Do you have access to the Exchange server via IMAP or WebDAV?


For WebDAV:

POP3 would also be an option if it's enabled on the server. IMAP is probably the way to go if you've got it.


I've done something similar using Mail::POP3Client


The Perl Email Project @ http://emailproject.perl.org/mediawiki/index.php/Main_Page has recommendations and other information on the mail oriented modules for perl.

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