Tutorial :Is there a multi-blog admin interface for WordPress blogs installed completely separately?


I'm an administrator of 10-20 separate WordPress blogs, and it's a big pain for me to login to all of them separately. Is there some sort of interface that allows me to do a single-sign-on administration of all of them, like there is under a WordPress MU umbrella?

If so, what's it called? I don't even know the term I'd use to search for this.


I've yet to try it, but Virtual Multiblog might solve your problem.

Or, try the search term:

wordpress + multi blog

Google tends to vary results depending on your country of origin, so I'm not sure that what I found is what you'd find.


If it's just managing posts & pages and a few other items, a blogging client might be the way to go. WordPress provides a good starter list of programs - http://codex.wordpress.org/Weblog_Client


I've heard a lot of good things about http://managewp.com/

However I believe WordPress is implementing some sort of multi-blog support system in the next version release, so you may want to wait until that drops before laying out some cash for a service like ManageWP.

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