Tutorial :Is there a command line option like devenv.exe /Edit for Sql Server Management Studio


I'm using visual studio's external tools to open .sql scripts in Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS). The problem is, each time I use the external tools command to open a .sql file from visual studio, it opens a new instance of SSMS.

Visual Studio has a switch /Edit that will do this, is there one for SQL Server Management Studio?


Choose to open the file with Explorer[1] instead of SSMS. That way the system will search for any existing instances of SSMS first.

[1] %windir%\explorer.exe


I don't think the problem is with Visual Studio external tool command. Look at SSMS command line options - maybe there is a way to force reusing existing SSMS instance.


The following works for me ( I am SQL Server 2008 though) :

So the real answer I quess is to use cmdow

Edit: After more testing I realized the following : First open the files with connenction with: ( remove any enters while copying, this is one liner )

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\VSShell\  Common7\IDE\Ssms.exe" "C:\Users\yordgeor\Desktop\Trigger.sql"  "C:\Users\yordgeor\Desktop\Trigger1.sql" -S ysg -d poc_dev -E -nosplash   

In this example it opens two files ( but you could open less of course ; ) after which , No matter how many times I run

cmdow /Run "C:\Users\yordgeor\Desktop\Trigger1.sql"   cmdow /Run "C:\Users\yordgeor\Desktop\Trigger2.sql"   cmdow /Run "C:\Users\yordgeor\Desktop\Trigger3.sql"   

it opens the same instance of the Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio with the same connection

you could open at once at the command line many files , but I quess you asked for the upper answer.

So you could find the path to the Ssms.exe by: cd %ProgramFiles%

dir *ssms.exe /s /b

so the syntax of the command is: pathToTheExe pathToFile1 pathToFile2 -S serverName -d DatabaseToConnectTo -E (toUseWindowsAuthentication) -nosplash

After 20 seconds of googling I cheated from here:


The correct answer is no. The SSMS has a limited set of options, and although it uses the VS framework, does not support the edit command. This could be an interesting feature to add.

I am assuming you need to open these scripts in SSMS to be able to run them as well, otherwise I would suggest pointing them to Visual Studio directly since it does support syntax highlighting. However it will not solve your problem.


If you associate that file extension with Visual Studio, then VS should open it.

If you're finding that VS starts a new instance every time, then you need to specify the /edit command line option.

Take a look at http://stevedunns.blogspot.com/2009/03/programs-that-launch-or-should-launch.html for more information.

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