Tutorial :Is there a better way than String.Replace to remove backspaces from a string?


I have a string read from another source such as "\b\bfoo\bx". In this case, it would translate to the word "fox" as the first 2 \b's are ignored, and the last 'o' is erased, and then replaced with 'x'. Also another case would be "patt\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\bfoo" should be translated to "foo"

I have come up with something using String.Replace, but it is complex and I am worried it is not working correctly, also it is creating a lot of new string objects which I would like to avoid.

Any ideas?


Probably the easiest is to just iterate over the entire string. Given your inputs, the following code does the trick in 1-pass

public string ReplaceBackspace(string hasBackspace)  {      if( string.IsNullOrEmpty(hasBackspace) )          return hasBackspace;        StringBuilder result = new StringBuilder(hasBackspace.Length);      foreach (char c in hasBackspace)      {          if (c == '\b')          {              if (result.Length > 0)                  result.Length--;          }          else          {              result.Append(c);          }      }      return result.ToString();  }  


The way I would do it is low-tech, but easy to understand.

Create a stack of characters. Then iterate through the string from beginning to end. If the character is a normal character (non-slash), push it onto the stack. If it is a slash, and the next character is a 'b', pop the top of the stack. If the stack is empty, ignore it.

At the end, pop each character in turn, add it to a StringBuilder, and reverse the result.


Regular expressions version:

var data = @"patt\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\bfoo";  var regex = new Regex(@"(^|[^\\b])\\b");    while (regex.IsMatch(data))  {      data = regex.Replace(data, "");  }  

Optimized version (and this one works with backspace '\b' and not with string "\b"):

var data = "patt\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\bfoo";  var regex = new Regex(@"[^\x08]\x08", RegexOptions.Compiled);    while (data.Contains('\b'))  {      data = regex.Replace(data.TrimStart('\b'), "");  }  


public static string ProcessBackspaces(string source)  {      char[] buffer = new char[source.Length];      int idx = 0;        foreach (char c in source)      {          if (c != '\b')          {              buffer[idx] = c;              idx++;          }          else if (idx > 0)          {              idx--;          }      }        return new string(buffer, 0, idx);  }  


I've done a quick, rough benchmark of the code posted in answers so far (processing the two example strings from the question, one million times each):

 ANSWER                 | TIME (ms)  ------------------------|-----------   Luke (this one)        |       318   Alexander Taran        |       567   Robert Paulson         |       683   Markus Nigbur          |      2100   Kamarey (new version)  |      7075   Kamarey (old version)  |     30902  


You could iterate through the string backward, making a character array as you go. Every time you hit a backspace, increment a counter, and every time you hit a normal character, skip it if your counter is non-zero and decrement the counter.

I'm not sure what the best C# data structure is to manage this and then be able to get the string in the right order afterward quickly. StringBuilder has an Insert method but I don't know if it will be performant to keep inserting characters at the start or not. You could put the characters in a stack and hit ToArray() at the end -- that might or might not be faster.


String myString = "patt\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\bfoo";        List<char> chars = myString.ToCharArray().ToList();        int delCount = 0;          for (int i = chars.Count -1; i >= 0; i--)        {          if (chars[i] == '\b')          {            delCount++;            chars.RemoveAt(i);          } else {            if (delCount > 0 && chars[i] != null) {              chars.RemoveAt(i);              delCount--;            }          }        }  


i'd go like this: code is not tested

char[] result = new char[input.Length()];  int r =0;  for (i=0; i<input.Length(); i++){  if (input[i] == '\b'  && r>0) r--;   else result[r]=input[i];    }    string resultsring = result.take(r);  


Create a StringBuilder and copy over everything but backspace chars.

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