Tutorial :Is anybody experiencing slowness when using Visual Studio 2008?


Is anybody experiencing extreme slowness when using Visual Studio 2008? I have a fairly beefy machine so I don't think hardware is the issue, and I didn't have these issues with 2005. Basically everything that I do is slow, from opening a new project, to opening code, to saving files. All of my Windows Updates are up, I have VS2008 SP1 installed, and I even tried disabling the virus protection.


Try loading Visual Studio in safe mode to load the default environment with /safemode switch.

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Yes it is slow.

I have a very fast Intel E8500 machine (2x3.16ghz) with 4gigs of RAM and Visual Studio 2008 IS SLOW.

Opening a dialog is slow, creating a new project is slow, you have to wait a few seconds after the dialogs.

NOT everytime though, because once you load these dialogs in memory, they are faster the second time.

But it's still too slow, much too slow.


Disk speed can cause this problem and also add-ins like resharper


Not everyone has the problem you're seeing. Try to disable add-ins, as has been suggested, then also monitor your computer to get an idea of what's going on. Is there extra disk I/O? A lot of page faults? What?


Empty your recycle bin. Turn off 'wrap text' in the output window.


This seemed to fix my immediate issue (copied and pasted from the link provided by Gulzar):

As an update, I found an even better fix so you dont' have to lose any functionality in VS 2008. This also drastically improved performance (response time) for me in SQL server management Studio.

In Internet Explorer 7...

Tools->Internet Options->Advanced->Security Node->Uncheck 'Check for publisher's certificate revocation*'

Once I did this, like magic, VS 2008 works great even with 'Enable the Visual Studio hosting process' checked and SQL Server Management Studio's response time was almost immediate.

It is a good day!

My theory is the corporate network I am in is blocking certain ports (out of my control), and thus certain 'behind the scenes' requests are timing out, causing the delays.

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