Tutorial :Infragistics UltraGrid: LoadOnDemand feature not working properly


I'm using the Infragistics Windows Ultragrid, version 7.3. I'm trying to use an UltraDataSource along with the LoadOnDemand mode. I have three bands defined: root, child and grandchild.

When I click on the first row, it requests the data for the child band but also requests the grandchildren rows under the first child.

Why does it happen?

I believed those items shouldn't be requested unless I click on the child band.


More info on this issue. I have spotted the ultraDataSource's InitializeRowsCollection event is raised when I'm setting up the rows number for the root band, i.e.


In this point I haven't added yet the actual rows to the root band. Why is it requesting the items for the child band?


If I set up the bands and the data for the root band before everything, then the InitializeRowsCollection event is not raised until I do ultraGrid1.DataSource = ultraDataSource1;

But once again it is raised for the Child and GrandChild Band.


We have workarounded this by using the ultragrid's InitializeRowsCollection event rather than the UltraDataSource's. This event is fired when expected.


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