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can best help me systematically modify the "replace" field of a regex search as it encounters each match.

For example, I have an xml file that needs the phrase "id = $number" inserted at regular points in the text, and basically, $number++ each time the regex matches (id = 1, id = 2, etc) until the end of the file.

I know I could just write a bash/perl/python script or some such, but I'd like it to be at least moderately user-friendly so I could teach my intelligent (but less technically-inclined) workers how to use it and make their own modifications. Regexing is not a problem for them.

The closest I've come so far is Notepad++'s Column Editor and 'increase [number] by' function, but with this I have to write a separate regex to align everything, add the increments, and then write another to put it back. Unfortunately, I need to use this function on too many different types of files and 'replace's to make macros feasible.

Ideally, the program would also be available for both Windows & Linux (WINE is acceptable but native is much preferred), and have a 'VI/VIM input' option (if it's a text editor), but these are of secondary importance.

Of course, it'd be nice if there is an OSS solution, and I'd be glad to donate $20-$50 to the developer(s) if it provides the solution I'm looking for.

Apologies for the length, and thanks so much for your help!


emacs (version 22 and later) can do what you're looking for. See Steve Yegge's blog for a really interesting read about it. I think this should work:

  M-x replace-regexp    Replace regexp: insert pattern regexp here    Replace regexp with: id = \#  

\# is a special metacharacter that gets replaced by the total number of replacements that have occurred so far, starting from 0. If you want the list to start from 1 instead of 0, use the following replacement string:

id = \,(1+ \#)


JEdit can probably help you: http://www.jedit.org/

you can do all kinds of regex and even bean result based replacing with it.


UltraEdit32 is great and I believe it has the features you need. There is a free 30-day download so you can make sure. :)


I know you want an app available on Windows/Linux, but there's another solution on Mac : TextWrangler, and it's free.


Take a look at UltraEdit32. It's very good. Not free, but available in Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. It has regex based search & replace.


This script should let you do what you want in Vim.


Vim functions can do the incrementing number trick and aren't too hard to write. For example the Vim wiki says how to do this. See also :h sub-replace-\=.

function! Counter()      let i = g:c      let g:c = g:c + 1      return i  endfunction    :let c=1|%s/<\w\+\zs/\=' id="' . Counter() . '"'/g  

We've probably left user-friendliness long behind at this point but Vim's Ruby support can do this kind of thing easily too:

:ruby c=0  :rubydo $_.gsub!(/<\w+/){|m| c += 1; m + ' id="' + c.to_s + '"'}  

Or Perl:

:perl $c=1  :perldo s/<\w+/$& . ' id="' . $c++ . '"'/eg  


To me, this sounds like it might be a job for awk, rather than a job for an editor.

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