Tutorial :How to show a group of 3 elements of a collection using JSTL in JSP?


I have a list of n elements that I want to output in a group of 3. The size of the collection can vary a lot, but the output must be grouped in 3.

<ul>     <li>        <div>element 1</div>        <div>element 2</div>        <div>element 3</div>     </li>       <li>        <div>element 4</div>        <div>element 5</div>        <div>element 6</div>     </li>       <li>        <div>element 7</div>        <div>element 8</div>     </li>   </ul>  

I would like to use a forEach and a if statement, but I cannot get the output to generate properly. Any suggestions?


I'm not sure about the syntax, but this should help, using the "count" property of "varStatus" to know what element number you are on...

EDIT: Apparently ".count" is NOT zero indexed, so the correct code would be:

<%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jstl/core_rt" prefix="c" %>  <%@ taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/functions" prefix="fn" %>    ...  <c:set var="myListSize" value="${fn:length(myList)}"/>            <c:forEach var="element" items="${myList}" varStatus="stat">                <c:choose>                    <c:when test="${ stat.count == 1 }">                     <ul>                     <li>                        <div>${element}</div>                  </c:when>                    <c:when test="${ stat.count == myListSize }">                        <div>${element}</div>                     </li>                     </ul>                  </c:when>                    <c:when test="${stat.count % 3 == 0 && stat.count < myListSize }">                        <div>${element}</div>                     </li>                     <br/>                     <li>                  </c:when>                    <c:otherwise>                        <div>${element}</div>                  </c:otherwise>                </c:choose>            </c:forEach>  

It can still be improved, but for now it works.


This may not be optimal, but how about just doing one pass in Java scriptlet, creating groups of 3s, adding them to a bean, and then iterating over those with 2 nested foreach loops.

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