Tutorial :How to set amcap's default color space to YUY2?


AMcap is a app for capturing video or to preview from webcam. Its source code comes with Microsoft Windows SDK as sample.

I want to (bypass the following process of user interaction in amcap code or say want to) set it as default:

Ampcap menu

  Options        Video Capture Pin ...            Color Space/Compression: YUY2            Output size: 1600x1200  

I have a compatible webcam and works fine on changing manually to YUY2 and 1600x1200 in AMcap app.

By default it is:

    Color Space/Compression: MJPG        Output size: 160x120  

I tried to find 'YUY2' string in whole project, but I could not find it, so that I could hardcode it. It seems it is created dynamically and then operated; refer: in the file amcap.cpp nearby line no 3395.


I have some code that uses an IID_IAMStreamConfig interface to set the camera image size. I didn't use it to set the image format, but I added the code that I think will do the job. It is untested however.

            // get the number of formats and make sure the strutucre size matches              int count;              int size;              VIDEO_STREAM_CONFIG_CAPS caps;              pSC->GetNumberOfCapabilities(&count, &size);              if( sizeof(caps) != size )              {                  // Error              }                AM_MEDIA_TYPE* mt_p = NULL;              hr = pSC->GetStreamCaps(0, &mt_p, (BYTE*)&caps);              if (hr != S_OK)              {                  // Error              }                if ((mt_p->majortype != MEDIATYPE_Video) || (mt_p->formattype != FORMAT_VideoInfo))              {                  // Error              }                VIDEOINFOHEADER* video_info_header_p = (VIDEOINFOHEADER *)mt_p->pbFormat;              video_info_header_p->bmiHeader.biWidth = 1600;              video_info_header_p->bmiHeader.biHeight = 1200;              // Code to change video format               // I think 16 is the right value for biBitCount, but I am not sure!!!!              video_info_header_p->bmiHeader.biCompression = MAKEFOURCC('Y','U','Y','2');              video_info_header_p->bmiHeader.biBitCount = 16;                hr = pSC->SetFormat(mt_p);              if (hr != S_OK)              {                  // Error              }                if (mt_p->cbFormat != 0)              {                  CoTaskMemFree((PVOID)mt_p->pbFormat);                  mt_p->cbFormat = 0;                  mt_p->pbFormat = NULL;              }              if (mt_p->pUnk != NULL)              {                  // Unecessary because pUnk should not be used, but safest.                  mt_p->pUnk->Release();                  mt_p->pUnk = NULL;              }  

You should place the code after the following block in amcap:

    if(hr != NOERROR)          hr = gcap.pBuilder->FindInterface(&PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE,              &MEDIATYPE_Video, gcap.pVCap,              IID_IAMStreamConfig, (void **)&pSC);  

Again, this is untested code, but you can try it and I hope it helps.


Hey @Dani van der Meer: Thanks for the Pointer ... I have done it by: In the function BOOL InitCapFilters()


 if(hr != NOERROR)  {        hr = gcap.pBuilder->FindInterface(&PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE,                                        &MEDIATYPE_Video, gcap.pVCap,                                        IID_IAMStreamConfig, (void **)&gcap.pVSC);        if(hr != NOERROR)      {          // this means we can't set frame rate (non-DV only)          ErrMsg(TEXT("Error %x: Cannot find VCapture:IAMStreamConfig"), hr);      }  }    gcap.fCapAudioIsRelevant = TRUE;  


CMediaType *pmt;  // default capture format  if(gcap.pVSC && gcap.pVSC->GetFormat((AM_MEDIA_TYPE**)&pmt) == S_OK)  {      // DV capture does not use a VIDEOINFOHEADER      if(pmt->formattype == FORMAT_VideoInfo)      {       pmt->SetType(&MEDIATYPE_Video);       pmt->SetFormatType(&FORMAT_VideoInfo);       pmt->SetSubtype(&MEDIASUBTYPE_YUY2);       pmt->SetTemporalCompression(FALSE);         VIDEOINFOHEADER* lpvihin = (VIDEOINFOHEADER*) pmt->pbFormat;            {                 //DWORD fccYUY2 =  'YUY2' ;               //lpvihin->bmiHeader.biCompression  =fccYUY2;              //'YUY2';// MAKEFOURCC('Y','U','Y','2');              //lpvihin->bmiHeader.biBitCount = 16;               lpvihin->bmiHeader.biWidth =  1600;// 960; //1600;              lpvihin->bmiHeader.biHeight =  1200;//  720; //1200;              lpvihin->bmiHeader.biSizeImage =   1600*1200*3;                 hr = gcap.pVSC->SetFormat(pmt);                ResizeWindow(HEADER(pmt->pbFormat)->biWidth,                       ABS(HEADER(pmt->pbFormat)->biHeight));          }      }      if(pmt->majortype != MEDIATYPE_Video)      {          // This capture filter captures something other that pure video.          // Maybe it's DV or something?  Anyway, chances are we shouldn't          // allow capturing audio separately, since our video capture          // filter may have audio combined in it already!          gcap.fCapAudioIsRelevant = FALSE;          gcap.fCapAudio = FALSE;      }      DeleteMediaType(pmt);  }  

Thanks a lot

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