Tutorial :How to see request in fiddler to my site and from my site iis 5


Hi i have webserver on windows xp iis 5 sp3. I see logs but thre are only url to my site. But i need see all request informations(headers an body) For example I go to GMAIl and i click search rss feed(i add my own rss) And gmail need send request to my own webserver 13:01:05 GET /9.rss 200 (it send request and i saw log). I want to see all info about request Headers Content-type rss Keep-ALive

ETC... body

Fiddler dont see this request i have 2 way(safe it with iis or search a good http debugger


Ordinarily Fiddler will show all HTTP traffic going via the Wininet http stack since it tweaks the proxy settings for Wininet when it starts capturing.

In order to route other requests via Fiddler applications need to be manually directed to the Fiddler.

In a .NET application you would use the .config file. Add the following:-

<system.net>      <defaultProxy enabled="true">          <proxy proxyaddress="" bypassonlocal="False"/>      </defaultProxy>  </system.net>  

Just be sure that Fiddler is capturing when this is enabled and set enabled to false before pausing capture or closing fiddler.

For other applications which may be using the WinHTTP stack use the command:-


to see what the current proxy config is for WinHTTP. (Which is likely none). Then:-

proxycfg -u  

to point WinHTTP at the same settings used by WinINET after capture has begun. Before capture is stopped use:-

proxycfg -d  

to restore direct connection (or use proxycfg -h to learn how to restore the original settings).


Go to tools -> fillder options -> Connections Tab -> Monitor all connections. Good Luck :D.

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