Tutorial :how to run php script in eclipse


I installed Eclipse PDT-all-in-one-win32-2.0.0GA and WampServer 2.0.

I try to run as PHP Script in eclipse but I have this error:

"The current debugger does not have any defined PHP executable."

How do I create this .exe ??


Ok But I do not have php.exe. I only create Test.php in my project.

In order to run **.php* files, you will need PHP installed, and because you already have installed WAMP, you should be fine.

"The current debugger does not have any defined PHP executable."

If you have installed WAMP as you said, try to look for php.exe on your local hard drive and then set path in Eclipse that leads to it (eg. c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.9-2\php.exe). Go to Window\Preferences\PHP\PHP Executables and add this path to the list.


You do not need to create this .exe

In Eclipse you need to configure the debugger settings. The debugger needs to know where the php.exe file lives.

Edit: php.exe ships with the standard PHP install on windows. When you download PHP from www.php.net you will find the php.exe file somewhere in the directory you installed PHP in.

Hope this helps :-)

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