Tutorial :How to make resource dll to describe device fonts?


The target driver I'm building is not a native driver but a minidriver working with Microsoft Universal Pinter Driver

According to DDK:

Descriptions of these items [fonts in my case] are placed in a resource DLL, as described in the Platform SDK documentation.

It then goes on to say:

In the printer's resource DLL, specify .ufm files by using the RC_UFM resource type, and specify .ifi files by using the RC_FONT resource type.

Despite the reference to SDK, there is no information on how to actually place the .ifi font information inside a resource dll.

Can anyone please point out a way to do this ?


Yes, the printer contains resident fonts and I need to create a resource file that describes them.

So far I hit another road block, because apparently the font description file you have to compile into your resource dll cant be .ifi (even though the DDK says they can), they just don't work. However it works find with .ufm font description files. The problem is we only have ifi files describing the device fonts but no umf...

Any advice ?


Go for ufm file, build ufm using print MDT (window DDK) and place their entry into resource file

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