Tutorial :How to make Nhibernate generate table with Text field instead of nvarchar(255)


I'm trying to make NHibernate generate my schema/SQL 2008, and using the mapping below it keeps wanting to create an nvarchar(255) column instead of text...any ideas?

    <property name="AnnouncementText" column="AnnouncementText" type="StringClob">    <column name="AnnouncementText" sql-type="NTEXT"/>  </property>  



The problem is specifying the name of the column twice...once I took it and the length out of the property element it worked perfectly

 <property name="AnnouncementText" type="StringClob">    <column name="AnnouncementText" sql-type="text"/>  </property>  


I'm used to SQL Server 2005 and the dialect it uses, but I presume you can do something similar. Since nvarchar(n) allows n up to 4000, a value above this will use nvarchar(max).

I presume that SQL Server 2000, which it sounds like you're using, does something similar once you hit the limit. If I read the NHibernate code correctly (NHibernate.Dialect.MsSql2000Dialect..ctor()) you get ntext once you pass 0xFA0 = 4000 characters.

<property name="AnnouncementText" column="AnnouncementText" type="string" length="10000"/>  


this won't help at all, but I remember the good old days ;-)...

create table YourTable  (      ...      AnnouncementText     text null      ...    )  

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