Tutorial :How to generate image of graphics for data from Microsoft SQL Server 2005?


I have the following example table:

Dt                      Value1   Value2  Value3 ...  2008-12-01 12:34:00     100.1    0.123   43  ....  

Is there any way by using TSQL to generate trend graphics as image such as jpg? Or do I need Reporting service to do it? I need to do it TSQL so that the daily trend images can be generated in a scheduled job.


You can try this:
1. Write a console programm which will connect to SQL and generate jpg with trends for your table
2. Run this programm with xp_cmdshell (you can pass some params also)

EXEC sp_xp_cmdshell 'trendsgen.exe [param1], [param2]'  


You'll need reporting services to do this.

You can schedule a job to use reporting services however.

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