Tutorial :How to fix flickering in IFrames?


I am using Iframes in html. for loading multiple html files into single html file .

The problem is when i navigate one page to another i am gettting flickering.

how to fix the flickering in iframes. Also i am using Dhtml Filters and transitions in that.


The web is, thankfully, not Powerpoint. You can pretend that it is though, but, happily, only for Internet Explorer users.

As some time has passed since I initially wrote this answer, the more disturbed recessed of my brain suggest that you could create a duplicate iframe, position it below (in z-space) the first, and (when the onload event of the frame fires) animate the opacity of the original iframe from 1 to 0 before removing the element entirely.


$('#yourcontent').load(url, 'param=value' post || get {param: value}); jquery('#yourcontent').load(url, 'param=value' post || get {param: value});

With this method you don't need iframes, although javascript is required. I'm assuming you already don't mind required javascript.

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