Tutorial :How to double all line breaks?


Edit: The problem described below was just caused by a "feature" of my IDE, so there's actually nothing wrong with the regex. If you're interested in how to double line breaks, here's your question and answer in one neat package. :)

I want to change every line break in a string to be two line breaks:

"this is  an example  string"  // becomes:  "this is    an example    string"  

However, it needs to take Unix/Windows line endings into account. I've written the code below, but it's not behaving itself.

$output = preg_replace("/(\r?\n)/", "$1$1", $input);  

But it's not working. Changing the replacement string to this...

"$1 $1"  

...makes it work, but then I have an unwanted space in between.


That's interesting. I just tested your sample code on two different UNIX systems (Ubuntu and a FreeBSD box, for the record). In both cases, it worked exactly as you say you wish it to. So your platform or your configuration may be partially at fault.


Wait Wait. Are you just directly outputting that to the browser? Did you View Source? Returns are not shown in HTML. Try putting <pre> before and </pre> after, if you want to view the returns as line breaks.

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