Tutorial :How to display all elements in an arraylist?


Say I have a car class with attributes make and registration, and i create an ArrayList to store them. How do I display all the elements in the ArrayList?

I have this code right now:

public Car getAll()  {      for(int i = 0; i < cars.size(); i++) //cars name of arraylist      {          Car car = cars.get(i);            {              return cars.get (i);          }      }      return null;  }  

It compiles fine but when I try it out in my tester class using this code:

private static void getAll(Car c1)  {      ArrayList <Car> cars = c1.getAll(); // error incompatible type      for(Car item : cars)      {             System.out.println(item.getMake()                  + " "                  + item.getReg()                  );      }  }  

I am getting a error of incompatible type. Is my coding correct? If not can someone please show me how it should be?

Thank You


Are you trying to make something like this?

public List<Car> getAll() {      return new ArrayList<Car>(cars);  }  

And then calling it:

List<Car> cars = c1.getAll();  for (Car item : cars) {         System.out.println(item.getMake() + " " + item.getReg());  }  


You are getting an error because your getAll function in the Car class returns a single Car and you want to assign it into an array.

It's really not clear and you may want to post more code. why are you passing a single Car to the function? What is the meaning of calling getAll on a Car.


It's not at all clear what you're up to. Your function getAll() should return a List<Car>, not a Car. Otherwise, why call it getAll?

If you have

Car[] arrayOfCars  

and want a List, you can simply do this:

List<Car> listOfCars = Arrays.asList(arrayOfCars);  

Arrays is documented Here.


Tangential: String.format() rocks:

public String toString() {      return String.format("%s %s", getMake(), getReg());  }    private static void printAll() {      for (Car car: cars)          System.out.println(car); // invokes Car.toString()  }  


Your getAll() method does not get all. It returns the first car.

The return statement terminates the loop.


Another approach is to add a toString() method to your Car class and just let the toString() method of ArrayList do all the work.

@Override  public String toString()  {      return "Car{" +              "make=" + make +              ", registration='" + registration + '\'' +              '}';  }  

You don't get one car per line in the output, but it is quick and easy if you just want to see what is in the array.

List<Car> cars = c1.getAll();  System.out.println(cars);  

Output would be something like this:

[Car{make=FORD, registration='ABC 123'},  Car{make=TOYOTA, registration='ZYZ 999'}]  


Hi sorry the code for the second one should be:

private static void getAll(CarList c1) {

ArrayList <Car> cars = c1.getAll(); // error incompatible type  for(Car item : cars)  {           System.out.println(item.getMake()                         + " "                         + item.getReg()                         );  }  


I have a class called CarList which contains the arraylist and its method, so in the tester class, i have basically this code to use that CarList class:

CarList c1; c1 = new CarList();

everything else works, such as adding and removing cars and displaying an inidividual car, i just need a code to display all cars in the arraylist.


Arraylist uses Iterator interface to traverse the elements Use this

public void display(ArrayList<Integer> v) {          Iterator vEnum = v.iterator();          System.out.println("\nElements in vector:");          while (vEnum.hasNext()) {              System.out.print(vEnum.next() + " ");          }      }  


You can use arraylistname.clone()

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