Tutorial :How to create Log file in SSIS


I want to create a log file in SSIS. I know how to create through management studio, but I wanted to run my SSIS package through Command Prompt. Can you help me find the Windows commands for that?


You can use the /L option, as documented here; however, you can also set Logging up in a much easier and finer way through the SSIS>Logging menu in Visual Studio.



In your SSIS you need to create and configure an SSIS Log provider before you can use it. Look into link text for more info.


You need to set up the a new connection string inside of Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). where you have to specify the path of Log file...i mean here path will be D:\Sample_Examples\Log.log... and name of the connection manager will be Log.log so now the command prompt will get changed into

dtexec /f "C:\\Package.dtsx" /l "DTS.LogProviderTextFile";"Log.log"  

instead of

dtexec /f "C:\\Package.dtsx" /l "DTS.LogProviderTextFile;D:\Sample_Examples\Log.log"  

we cant specify a direct path after DTS.LogProviderTextFile...because of that only i got error...

Thank you very much for the suggestions...


You can do this another way, without going into your SSIS package.

Create a batch file and run DTEXEC in a new instance of CMD, i.e.:

CMD /C DTEXEC your package and args > log file

When you do this, you can run this batch file and get your log file.

See http://richarddingwall.name/2009/01/26/capture-the-output-from-a-scheduled-task/ for more details


Yes, you have to create a connection manager for the log provider; however; there is no documentation on how to do this if you are using a custom log provider.

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