Tutorial :How to change a table name using an SQL query?


How can I in change the table name using a query statement?

I used the following syntax but I couldn't find the rename keyword in SQL server 2005.

Alter table Stu_Table rename to Stu_Table_10  


Use sp_rename:

EXEC sp_rename 'Stu_Table', 'Stu_Table_10'  

You can find documentation on this procedure on MSDN.

If you need to include a schema name, this can only be included in the first parameter (that is, this cannot be used to move a table from one schema to another). So, for example, this is valid:

EXEC sp_rename 'myschema.Stu_Table', 'Stu_Table_10'  


In MySQL :-

RENAME TABLE `Stu Table` TO `Stu Table_10`  


Please use this on SQL Server 2005:

sp_rename old_table_name , new_table_name  

it will give you:

Caution: Changing any part of an object name could break scripts and stored procedures.

but your table name will be changed.


In Postgress SQL:

Alter table student rename to student_details;  


RENAME TABLE old_table_name TO new_table_name;  


Syntex for latest MySQL versions has been changed.

So try RENAME command without SINGLE QUOTES in table names.

RENAME TABLE old_name_of_table TO new_name_of_table;


execute this command

sp_rename 'Employee','EData'  

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