Tutorial :How should i track Objs in use, C#


I have a manager that holds connections to the server. I keep the connection alive and i want my threads to request connections when it needs. My question is

How do i have track objects automatically? I would like it to work similar to scoped pointer. I request a connection, then when my obj goes out of scope it tells the manager it is not in use anymore. I wont be passing it around as a pointer. I'll be doing something like

{  Obj = Man.GetObj();  //some loop      Obj.DoSomething()  } //auto tell man that obj is no longer in use  


You could create your own wrapper object and implements IDisposable. In the Dispose() method, signal the manager that you're no longer in use. You can then have your statement like...

using(Obj obj = Man.GetObj())  {      Obj.DoSomething();  }  

The using block automatically calls the Dispose() method at the close of the scope.


Look into the using statement.



Implement the IDisposable interface, and use the using keyword

    class MyClass : IDisposable  {      void Dispose()      {}  }    using(MyClass obj = Man.GetObj())  {      obj.DoSomething();  }// obj.Dispose() will be called when the object goes out of scope.      

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