Tutorial :How does Spark View Engine's performance compare to ASP.NET?


I'm interested in using Spark for an open source pet project of mine that runs with the asp.net mvc framework. I wonder if anyone has real experience with it and knows how it performs compared to the normal asp.net view engine?

I know that marketwatch.com runs asp.net mvc and Spark.


The view templates are parsed to generate and compile a class that does nothing more than write output. After the first request of a view there's no real work being done other than to create an instance of that type and render.

It's been profiled for cpu and memory costing pretty extensively. I believe it's safe to assume there's nothing measurably slower in Spark - and in general it's unlikely the rendering in either Spark or WebForms view engines would be a bottleneck in a real-world application.


Here is a benchmark done to compare WebForms to Spark. Spark scores 36% slower than WebForms, which probably is worth paying for extra flexibility that one gets with Spark.

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