Tutorial :How do we create resource satellite assemblies


I have an assembly which uses resx files to store all of the display strings. I now want to create a satellite assembly that contains the french versions of the strings.

Can this be done in VS? Do I just create a new assembly, name it correctly and include the localized versions of the resx file?


Just add the new resource file with the correct naming to the existing project, and VS will create the satellite assemblies.

Naming is filename.locale.resx. Where filename matches the base assembly, and locale is the normal locale naming string. E.g. "en" for generic English, "en-gb" for English and "en-us" for American (or, for those on the left side of the Atlantic: generic English, British English and American English respectively).


Go to Start>Programs >Visual studio 2010 >visual Studio Tools> visual studio Command Prompt[rigt click and select "run as Administrator" ]

Go To the Exact directory inside solution where the resex lies and type

c:..\yourAppname[e.g]App_localresources>al /t:lib /embed:ucCreditNote.ascx.[culture Extention eg. en-US].resx /culture:[culture Extention eg. en-US] /out:bts.resources.dll

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