Tutorial :How do I use C++ in flex and bison?


I have a project for school where we need to use flex and bison. I want to use C++ so that I have access to STL and my own classes that I wrote. We were provided with the following Makefile:

CC = gcc   CFLAGS = -g     OBJs = parse.tab.o symtab.o attr.o lex.yy.o     default: parser    parser: ${OBJs}      ${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${OBJs} -o parser -lfl    lex.yy.c: scan.l parse.tab.h attr.h      flex -i scan.l    parse.tab.c: parse.y attr.h symtab.h      bison -dv parse.y    parse.tab.h: parse.tab.c    clean:      rm -f parser lex.yy.c *.o parse.tab.[ch] parse.output    depend:      makedepend -I. *.c  

scan.l and parse.y have some initial flex/bison stuff to generate the scanner and parser. I need to add my own stuff to those files. symtab.{h, c} is supposed to be a implementation of a symbol table. attr.{h, c} are for some attribute magic. I want to make symtab.c a .cc file so I can use STL. I also have other reasons for wanting to use C++.

I tried to use a parse.ypp file, so that a .cpp file would be generated. But the problem is that I'm not getting the right .h file. I changed the Makefile to look like this:

CC = g++          # Change gcc to g++  CFLAGS = -g     OBJs = lex.yy.o parse.tab.o symtab.o attr.o    default: lex.yy.c parser    # added lex.yy.c so I could just keep lex stuff in C since I don't really need C++ there    parser: ${OBJs}      ${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${OBJs} -o parser -lfl    lex.yy.o: scan.l parse.tab.h attr.h      # added this rule to use gcc instead of g++      gcc -c -o lex.yy.o lex.yy.c    lex.yy.c: scan.l parse.tab.h attr.h      flex -i scan.l    parse.tab.cpp: parse.ypp attr.h symtab.h      bison -dv parse.ypp    parse.tab.h: parse.tab.cpp      # I want a parse.tab.h but I get parse.tab.hpp    clean:      rm -f parser lex.yy.c *.o parse.tab.cpp parse.tab.h parse.output    depend:      makedepend -I. *.c  

Can someone tell me what I need to add or do to get C++ working? It should be noted I added some stuff in the .y (or .ypp) file to deal with moving from C to C++. In particular, I had to declare some stuff as extern. My main problem is that when I run make, scan.l has a bunch of syntax errors, and they seem to be because it cannot include parse.tab.h (because it is never generated).


You don't need to do anything with flex or bison to use C++, I have done it many times. You just have to make sure you use g++, not gcc.

Your problems are with the Makefile, not the code.


For using flex with C++:   1: read the flex docs:   2: use flex -+ -o file.cc parser.ll   3: In the .ll file:    %option c++  %option yyclass="Your_class_name"  %option batch     4: In your .hh file, derive Your_class_name from  public yyFlexLexer   5: you can then use your_class_instance.yylex()  


There are some differences that you can check out in detail here.


Use either a C Compiler or a C++ compiler but not both (till you know what you are upto). You are sure to shoot yourself many times on both your feet otherwise. Mixing gcc and g++ isn't good.

This line is suspect:

lex.yy.o: scan.l parse.tab.h attr.h      # added this ...  gcc -c -o lex.yy.o lex.yy.c  

Also, you don't seem to be using CC anywhere, using that'd have made life easier.

Assuming you don't change a single line of the C code, you will possibly hit some errors and quite a few warnings (like deprecated headers etc). You'll have to fix them as well.


If you are doing parsers in C++ I would recommend to look at Boost Spirit. It is so much nicer to handle than bison/yacc.

From here:

Spirit is an object-oriented recursive-descent parser generator framework implemented using template meta-programming techniques. Expression templates allow us to approximate the syntax of Extended Backus-Normal Form (EBNF) completely in C++.

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