Tutorial :How do I perform certain actions in InstallShield in all situations other than a repair?


I've configured an InstallShield setup to delete certain VDs from IIS right before the InstallFiles action. The code is being called within the "OnInstallFilesActionBefore" event. This works fine, except that I don't want the VDs to be removed if the setup is repairing.

I've found this page which lists the possible events; however, it seems the best option I have is "OnFirstUIBefore", which only happens in the first-time installation. It just doesn't seem right to do it there, though.

Am I better off adding a condition to one of the Sequences, one that would prevent it from executing the code during a repair? Is there another way?

For the record, I'm using DevStudio v9.


Yes, just add a condition, nothing wrong with that. Try REMOVE~="ALL" OR NOT Installed.

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