Tutorial :How do I find and view a TFS changeset by comment text?


With TFS I need to find a changeset by comment, and/or by developer. Maybe I'm just blind today, but I don't see a simple way in the Source Control Explorer to do this task?


With the Power Tools installed:

tf history $/ -r | ? { $_.comment -like '*findme*' }  


If you have TFS Power Tools installed, you can run this in a command prompt:

tfpt searchcs  

to get a GUI window with options to search by committer and comment text. I'm using TFS Power Tools (March 2011 version) and TFS 2010.


EASY WAY and no 3rd party apps/add-ons needed:

  1. Open Source Control Explorer
  2. "View History" from the root of TFS server
  3. Scroll to the bottom (it's fast with hitting "End" button continuously)
  4. Select all records, copy
  5. Open Excel and paste

Now the Excel will allow you to search through comments (Excel's a native app, don't argue..).


There's a Visual Studio add-in that does it now: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/3f65dee8-5a44-4771-929b-26531c482fbf.


Alternatively, without having to install power tools, the following command will work if your looking for the search term findme.

Windows: tf history "$/Team Project/Development" /noprompt /recursive | findstr findme

Linux: tf history "$/Team Project/Development" /recursive | grep findme

NB. Please thank this guy if you found this useful.


You can use the command line client: pipe the output of tf history to a file and then use whatever search program you prefer.


Find Changeset By Comment 2013 for Visual Studio 2013 http://developer.azurewebsites.net/2014/08/find-changeset-by-comment-2013-for-visual-studio-2013/


To see the checkins for a team member:

In team explorer, navigate to the Team Project, navigate to Team Members, right click the team member for who you want to see the changesets, and select "Show CheckIn History".


I don't know a way to do it by Comment Text, but this will allow searching by developer:

If you open the menu item File->Source Control->Find In Source Control->Changesets... (you must be in Source Control Explorer for this to be available). This will open the Find Changesets dialog. You can then search for change sets by Developer on a given source folder (or project).

This will show you the comments, but you can't search by them. (Though you can sort the list by the comments and find the comment you are looking for that way.)

On a side note, if you want to see the details of the changeset via this dialog you have to click the Details button. Double clicking on a changeset closes the dialog.


I was able to do this in the TFS web portal code section.

Navigate to TFS in your browser, go to code, click on changesets, then advanced search. You can filter by user and date range. You can not search by comment, but if you have a general date range in mind then you can filter it down then use the browsers search (ctrl + f).


I added tfpt searchcs from the TFS Power Tools as external tool in VisualStudio:

  • Command: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 Power Tools\TFPT.EXE (or wherever you installed your TFS Power Tools)
  • Arguments: searchcs /collection:http://tfsserver:8080/tfs $(SolutionDir) (the solution path is converted to the server path)
  • Initial Directory: c:\path\to\your\vs\IDE (unless the tf.exe is in your path (what is not the case by default) this ensures you can view the changeset details from the search dialog, for it runs tf.exe)

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