Tutorial :How can I have a dynamic URL in generic class


I need to have a dynamic URL preferably from a Test Class. Can any one help me in formatting this design pattern to handle dynamic links from tests. instead of a constant HomePageURL.

Namespace TestDesign  Public Class HomePage      Inherits IE      Public Const HomePageURL As String = "testlink"        Public Sub New()          MyBase.New(HomePageURL)      End Sub        Public Sub New(ByVal instance As IE)          MyBase.New(instance.InternetExplorer)      End Sub        Public ReadOnly Property UserIDField() As TextField          Get              Return TextField(Find.ById(New Regex("txtuserName")))          End Get      End Property      Public ReadOnly Property PasswordField() As TextField          Get              Return TextField(Find.ById(New Regex("txtPassword")))          End Get      End Property      Public ReadOnly Property ContinueButton() As Button          Get              Return Button(Find.ById(New Regex("Submit")))          End Get      End Property      Public ReadOnly Property LogoutLink() As Link          Get              Return Link(Find.ById(New Regex("lnkLogout")))          End Get      End Property        Friend Sub Login(ByVal username As String, ByVal password As String)          UserIDField.TypeText(username)          PasswordField.TypeText(password)          ContinueButton.Click()      End Sub        Friend Sub Logout()          LogoutLink.Click()      End Sub    End Class      

End Namespace


How I would approach this is to put the base url into the applicaiton config and then build a URLs class to construct them here is an example:

In app config

<appSettings> <add key="TestServerUri" value="http://www.apple.com"/> </appSettings>

in class file

    public static Uri AppleHome        {          get          {              return new Uri(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["TestServerUri"]);          }      }        public static Uri Iphone = new Uri(AppleHome, @"/iphone/");  

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