Tutorial :How can I force the PropertyGrid to show a custom dialog for a specific property?


I have a class with a string property, having both a getter and a setter, that is often so long that the PropertyGrid truncates the string value. How can I force the PropertyGrid to show an ellipsis and then launch a dialog that contains a multiline textbox for easy editing of the property? I know I probably have to set some kind of attribute on the property, but what attribute and how? Does my dialog have to implement some special designer interface?

Update: This is probably the answer to my question, but I could not find it by searching. My question is more general, and its answer can be used to build any type of custom editor.


You need to set an [Editor(...)] for the property, giving it a UITypeEditor that does the edit; like so (with your own editor...)

using System;  using System.ComponentModel;  using System.Drawing.Design;  using System.Windows.Forms;  using System.Windows.Forms.Design;      static class Program  {      static void Main()      {          Application.Run(new Form { Controls = { new PropertyGrid { SelectedObject = new Foo() } } });      }  }        class Foo  {      [Editor(typeof(StringEditor), typeof(UITypeEditor))]      public string Bar { get; set; }  }    class StringEditor : UITypeEditor  {      public override UITypeEditorEditStyle GetEditStyle(ITypeDescriptorContext context)      {          return UITypeEditorEditStyle.Modal;      }      public override object EditValue(ITypeDescriptorContext context, IServiceProvider provider, object value)      {          IWindowsFormsEditorService svc = (IWindowsFormsEditorService)              provider.GetService(typeof(IWindowsFormsEditorService));          if (svc != null)          {              svc.ShowDialog(new Form());              // update etc          }          return value;      }  }  

You might be ablt to track down an existing Editor by looking at existing properties that behave like you want.

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