Tutorial :getting a view controller to disappear


I'm trying out a multiple view application, but I can't seem to get the first view controller to go away when I bring in the new view controller. I'm laying the second (coming) view controller at index 0, and it's just placing it in the background. I thought the [going.view removeFromSuperview] would remove the original viewcontroller, but that's not what is happening...

UIViewController *coming = nil;      UIViewController *going = nil;      UIViewAnimationTransition transition;        if (answer == YES)      {          coming = boyController;          going = getInfoController;          transition = UIViewAnimationTransitionFlipFromLeft;      }      else      {          coming = girlController;          going = getInfoController;          transition = UIViewAnimationTransitionFlipFromLeft;      }      NSLog(child);      [UIView setAnimationTransition:transition forView: self.view cache:YES];      [coming viewWillAppear:YES];      [going viewWillDisappear:YES];      [going.view removeFromSuperview];      [self.view insertSubview:coming.view atIndex:0];      [going viewDidDisappear:YES];      [coming viewDidAppear:YES];        [UIView commitAnimations];    


First a little refactoring:

coming = (answer ? boyController : girlController);  

You can delete going and transition, as they're only used once. Then, to actually do the animation, you need to put everything in the context of an animation block.

[UIView beginAnimations:@"flipAnimation" context:NULL];  [UIView setAnimationTransition:transition forView:self.view cache:YES];  [getInfoController.view removeFromSuperview];  [self.view addSubview:coming.view];  [UIView commitAnimations];  

viewWillAppear: and viewWillDisappear: are delegate methods. These will be called automatically on those views' delegates, if any. They shouldn't ever be called manually.

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