Tutorial :Getting lat/lng/zoom/yaw/pitch from Google Street View


I have a Google map and street view based on provided lat/lng coordinates, zoom, yaw and pitch. I need to invoke a javascript to update a hidden field for each of these values whenever any of the details change from their default or when a button is clicked.

So whenever the map/street view is zoomed in, panned, tilted etc it outputs the new details.

How do I call the functions getPOV(), yawchanged(yaw:Number), pitchchanged(pitch:Number), and zoomchanged(zoom:Number) whenever the Street View is changed (similar to moveend for Maps)


Not sure of the best way to compress this but this works to get the changed details:

GEvent.addListener(myPano, 'initialized', function(pano) {    alert("newlng: " + pano.latlng.lng() + ", newlat: " + pano.latlng.lat());  });    GEvent.addListener(myPano, 'yawchanged', function(newyaw){    alert("yawchanged: " + newyaw);  });    GEvent.addListener(myPano, 'pitchchanged', function(newpitch) {    alert("pitchchanged: " + newpitch);  });    GEvent.addListener(myPano, 'zoomchanged', function(newzoom) {    alert("zoomchanged: " + newzoom);  });  


I generally have found that "moveend" is the best event to use as a hook to get the state of the map when a user changes it. I will need to look up how to get the lat/lng, zoom, yaw, and pitch from the map isntanct when I have more time this afternoon

// map is the instance of your GMap2  GEvent.addListener(map, 'moveend', function() {    var center = map.getCenter();    var zoom = map.getZoom();      alert([center.lat(), center.lng(), zoom].join(','));  });  


For google maps api v3... Assuming you have a streetView map already loaded named "panorama"

google.maps.event.addListener(panorama, "pov_changed", function() {      var panoInfo   = panorama.getPov();     var thePitch   = panoInfo['pitch'];     var isHeading  = panoInfo['heading'];     var theZoom    = panoInfo['zoom'];  });  

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