Tutorial :Get Latest Version shortcut in Visual Studio 2008


Would love to have a keyboard shortcut that get's the latest for a solution I am working on inside Visual Studio 2008 from source control.

Can't find one in the documents anywhere!

In addition would be good if I could get other source control shortcuts for checking in pending changes.


You can add your own... tools -> options -> environment -> keyboard

Look in particular for:

  • File.GetLatestVersion
  • File.GetLatestSolutionFiles
  • File.CheckIn

and add a new shortcut at the bottom


I have a Visual Studio macro that will enumerate all active keyboard shortcuts to a nicely formatted HTML page, here:


But as Marc pointed out, you might have to add your own .. not sure these things you want are actually bound by default to anything.


The compatibility of keyboard shortcuts that work on a fresh install can be useful, unfortunately in this case it's a bit convoluted:

alt,v,p,(home) alt,f,r,l

Which selects the solution explorer, home to get to the root if necessary then get latest from the file menu.

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